Bobbi Althoff taken from Nashville bar, video shows


Bobby Althoff

Performed from Nashville Bar…

Hangover coming soon?!?

Bobbi Althoff It seems she doesn’t remember much of her night out in Nashville, as we have video of her being carried out of a bar while unconscious.

Instagram / @bobbi

Watch the footage, obtained by TMZ, which shows Bobbi being carried motionless out of Barstool Sports Bar in Nashville early Monday morning.

Instagram / @bobbi

People who were there say the man holding Bobbi in the video is an NFL player Sean Murphy-Buntingand their outfits match what they wore in a video Bobbi posted ahead of their outing on Sunday.

First, Sean sits down on the steps in front of the bar with Bobbi in his arms. Then the Arizona Cardinals cornerback carries her to the back of a black SUV that pulls up to pick up the players.

A source familiar with the group that went out that night tells us Sean acted like a good friend and made sure Bobbi got home safely.

Bobbi posted a series of videos of the group getting ready to hit the town, and her final Instagram story of the night showed her celebrating with a glass of champagne.

The whole night screams for a nasty hangover, but it’s unclear how Bobbi feels afterward. We’ve reached out to her camp, but so far it’s been radio silence.

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