CenterPoint Releases Power Outage Map After Hurricane Beryl

CenterPoint Energy, the city’s main energy supplier, released an interactive map Tuesday evening that provides insight into the impact of Hurricane Beryl on Houston.

The map’s launch comes several weeks ahead of its long-awaited expected release. CenterPoint spokesman Paul Lock said Tuesday that the map would be ready “within weeks” and would likely not be useful for tracking Beryl’s restoration efforts.

Here you will find the Outage Tracker.

The utility has not had an Outage Tracker map since it erased it during the deadly derecho in May that left more than a million customers without power. Officials said too many visitors to its site in May “overloaded” the map, leading to “technical issues” such as incorrectly indicating that some areas had power when they remained dark.

CenterPoint is responsible for the systems that provide power to nearly 2.8 million customers in the Houston area. When deadly Hurricane Beryl swept through the Houston area early Monday morning, nearly 80 percent of their customer base, or 2.2 million customers, lost power.

The lack of neighborhood-level data was a source of frustration for many CenterPoint customers, both in May and in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl, as residents searched for answers to questions about which areas were hardest hit and when their electricity would be restored.

With no official map of the power outages after Beryl, frustrated Houstonians instead turned to the Whataburger app as a proxy for power outages in the region. One social media user went viral after pointing out that their interactive map showed which locations in the city were closed after the storm. His creative solution garnered national attention.

The official map released by CenterPoint on Tuesday divides service areas into three categories: areas with power, areas designated for repair and areas still being assessed by the company. It also shows how many customers in each ZIP code lost power.

The map does not indicate when residents can expect their power to be restored, though officials promised their new tool would provide “the same level of information and functionality about power outages” as the previous map.

This feature could be offered in the coming days.

“As CenterPoint completes its damage assessment in the coming days, it will provide more detailed information regarding the expected timing of recovery,” the company said in a statement.

As of 8 p.m. Tuesday, CenterPoint said in a statement that it had restored power to 850,000 customers, though its website indicates that only 675,000 customers have had their power restored. It expects that number to reach 1 million by the end of Wednesday, but has not yet provided an estimate for the remaining residents and businesses.

“It’s going to take days,” Lock said. “I can’t give you a timeline, but it won’t be tomorrow.”

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