Helldivers 2 boss begs team not to fix game’s biggest bug

Cooperative third-person shooter Helldivers 2 discovered a new bug this week (thanks PC gamer), while the game’s latest major storyline reached its dramatic conclusion: offering hugs in midair saves lives. Several emotes performed while falling will reduce fall damage. And today, the developer’s CEO Shams Jorjani pleaded with his team to leave the bug in the game.

The recently discovered bug in the game went really big on Reddit yesterdaywhen people realized that the ridiculous-looking trick could get them out of trouble when they would otherwise fall to their death. It turns out that saluting, offering a handshake, or even giving a hug causes characters to become stiff, and thus lose the ragdoll effect as they fall to the ground. This in turn reduces fall damage and allows people to walk away from what should have been a deadly trap.

“Before death Rigor mortisThat’s how one Redditor described the trick. Lifelikenesswe would suggest.

This, as Redditor Adduly notesis the opposite of reality, where drunk people – who are much more likely to hug their rag doll when they fall – are much less likely to be injured when they hit the ground than people who are tense.

Others pointed out that this is very similar to the Norwegian sport of death diving:

Norway Live

What matters is that it works. And it is foolish. And for that reason it deserves to be preserved, with many in the Helldivers 2 community in the hope that developer Arrowhead will not fix it. They shouldof course, because it’s their game that’s not working properly. But they shouldn’t do that either.

Shams Jorjani agrees, who took on the role of CEO of Arrowhead in May of this year. On Twitter (informal X) he quoted unofficial Hell divers account Helldivers warnings‘ reported the bug, adding, “Can we please, please keep this?” and tagging his own company.

In response to someone further down in the thread, Jorjani insisted that the bug/feature has to stay. “We’ll add inflatable bouncy bags that come out from under your armpits or something if we need to. Come on! We’ve got the technology.”

Someone else suggests that as CEO he should just give the order to keep the emotive gimmick, and leave the team no choice. “What a horrible way to run a gaming studio that’s full of smart and creative people,” he answered.

This new trick is only a day old, so it will be interesting to see if Arrowhead fixes the bug, leaves it in, or starts working on it more deliberately.


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