Inside Out actor apologizes for criticizing Vin Diesel’s unprofessional behavior: ‘Sometimes I talk myself into idiocy’ | Hollywood

A few days ago, Inside Out 2 voice actor Paul Walter Hauser lashed out at Vin Diesel during an interview, calling him out for his unprofessional behavior on set. Two weeks later, Paul apologized for his remark and shared a lengthy statement on his Instagram. He said that he made an “unnecessarily mean comment” that wasn’t necessary. (Also read: Inside Out actor offended by Vin Diesel comparison, lashes out at him for unprofessional behavior)

Paul apologizes for his comment

Paul Walter Hauser said he never met Vin Diesel in person.

In his post, which was shared on Sunday, Paul wrote: “A few weeks ago I made a random comment about Vin Diesel. It started out somewhat humorously but escalated into an attack on him for behavior I had heard about multiple times from multiple sources.”

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He added: “I had done an overnight shoot on a Friday, slept for 1 hour, and then flew from ATL to LA at 6am to do a full day of press for Inside Out 2. I was exhausted and in my fatigued state I ran my mouth off and made a careless, unnecessarily mean comment. That comment was recorded and subsequently went viral.”

“I’m sorry I made that comment”

“I just want to say that I’m sorry I made that comment. I do get angry at some of the behavior that I’ve seen or heard about, and outing people in any way can feel like a moment of satisfaction,” he said.

He tagged Vin Diesel and added: “As a self-proclaimed Christian I need to do a better job of loving people and not trying to ‘right a wrong’ or allow my ego to position itself with some kind of verbal flex. It’s just not additive to our culture and it can hurt other people. @vindiesel – I apologize. Thank you for entertaining so many people and making them happy. I try to do the same. Time for me to be quiet. Sometimes I talk myself into insanity.”

Paul had previously responded to rumors of Vin Diesel’s bad behavior on set, expressing his displeasure at being compared to the actor, who voices Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. Paul voices Embarrassment in Inside Out 2.

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