Mom Who Lost 30 Pounds in 3 Months Reveals 25-Minute Workout

Kitty Moana, a housewife with two children, came up with a simple workout regimen and healthy diet in February.

With just 25 minutes of physical activity a day, she lost 14 kilos.

After reaching her highest and lowest weight points in January, Moana began her weight loss journey, both for her mental and physical health.

Kitty Moana, a stay-at-home mom of two, came up with a simple workout routine and healthy diet in February. With just 25 minutes of physical activity a day, she has lost 30 pounds. Instagram/misskittymoana
Moana decided to make a change in January after reaching her highest and lowest weight points. Instagram/misskittymoana

“Up until recently, I wasn’t making healthy choices,” Moana explained in May. “I was struggling with depression/anxiety and in the long run, I was getting sick, stagnating in life, drinking more alcohol than normal, eating whatever made me feel good, and gaining weight at an astronomical rate.”

“While I was trying to be (what is most important to me) a ‘good’ parent and partner, I couldn’t achieve that if I wasn’t ‘good’ to myself. Once I understood that, everything changed,” she added.

Moana credits her weight loss to regular cardio workouts. Instagram/misskittymoana

Moana, who regularly posts on Instagram under the name @Misskittymoana to inspire others on their path to healthier living, attributes her weight loss to a shift in mindset, a calorie deficit, and a daily commitment to cardio.

She says she does at least 25 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day, including jogging, power walking, strength training, running on the treadmill and dancing in front of the TV.

Moana’s mantra is: “Get outside, eat healthy, exercise, read and repeat.” Instagram/misskittymoana

In one post, Moana sings about the power of cardio: “20 minutes of jogging/power walking a day, combined with a calorie deficit and healthy eating, was all I needed to reach my weight loss goals in 4 months. I did some light strength training, but Cardio FTW (for the win).”

Moana’s diet is in line with the American Heart Association’s recommendation that adults get 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity daily or 75 minutes of vigorous activity weekly to promote well-being and cardiovascular health.

Power walking in particular is praised by experts as the key to weight loss.

Moana posts her weekly meal prep to her Instagram account to inspire others. Instagram/misskittymoana

Moana’s fitness mantra can also serve as instruction for anyone looking to follow a similar path: “Walk outside, eat healthy, exercise, read, and repeat.”

For Moana, eating well means preparing nutritious, low-calorie meals at home.

She regularly posts her weekly meal prep, including calorie counts for options like cheese and zucchini muffins with protein-packed yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast, chicken burgers with broccoli salad for lunch, and beef and vegetable lasagna with cucumbers and cherry tomatoes for dinner.

The calorie deficit, achieved through exercise and healthy meal preparation, helped Moana lose weight. Brent Hofacker –

For a snack, Moana grabs freshly cut fruit and she doesn’t go a day without drinking two juices: a mix of fruits and vegetables for an energy boost and better immunity.

Moana claims, “Nutrition, healthy choices, and daily exercise have all played a huge role in my success on my health journey! Staying consistent is key!”

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