NASA space technology chief leaves agency

BUSAN, South Korea — The head of NASA’s Space Technology Directorate is leaving the agency after just six months on the job and will be replaced on an interim basis by the director of the Langley Research Center. NASA announced on July 16 that Kurt “Spuds” Vogel, associate administrator for space technology, was retiring from … Read more

For healthy aging, light exercise or sleep is better than a sedentary lifestyle

If you want to increase your chances of living a long, healthy life, watch less TV and become more physically active. According to an observational study published last month in JAMA Network Open, even small amounts of physical activity can improve overall health. While there is plenty of research showing that moderate to vigorous physical … Read more

Ingrid Andress: Country Star Admits She Sang National Anthem While Drunk

Image source, Getty Images Image caption, Andress said her performance was “not me” Article information Author, Ian Jongs Role, Culture Reporter, BBC News 1 hour ago Country singer Ingrid Andress has apologized and admitted she was drunk while singing a much-discussed version of the American national anthem at a baseball stadium. Andress’ erratic performance at … Read more

Global chip stocks from Nvidia to ASML fall on geopolitics and Trump

Global chip stocks fell sharply, with ASML, Nvidia And TSMC The number of messages is falling due to reports of stricter export restrictions from the US and an increase in geopolitical tensions, fuelled by comments from former US President Donald Trump. ASML’s Dutch-listed shares fell 6.5% in morning trading, while Tokyo Electron Shares in Japan … Read more

More than 150,000 YouTube videos were used by Silicon Valley giants to train AI

Proof News, in partnership with Wired, published a comprehensive investigative report revealing that numerous tech companies, including NVIDIA, Apple, Salesforce, and Anthropic, have been using content from thousands of YouTube videos to train their AI models, in complete disregard of YouTube’s policies that prohibit the harvesting of content from the platform without permission. According to … Read more