RCS update improves messaging between Galaxy phones and iPhones

After years of begging and public humiliation, Apple finally introduced RCS on iPhones. The feature is still in beta and is expected to roll out in the next few months with the public release of iOS 18. A new RCS update has been released to improve messaging between iPhones and Android devices like Galaxy phones.

RCS update could make messaging between Galaxy phones and iPhones even better

The GSMA Association (GSMA), which maintains RCS, has released (via 9To5Google) a new update (Universal Profile 2.7) to the standard. It includes the Extended Messaging feature, which aims to improve RCS interoperability between Android phones and iPhones.

Universal Profile 2.7 for RCS was released in June 2024. It includes features such as individual message replies, message replies and custom message responses, and editing/deleting/retrieving sent messages.

Currently, emoji reactions to messages are converted to SMS in order for emojis to appear. However, with the new RCS update, apps won’t need to convert emojis and will instead appear on top of a corresponding message. The update also brings support for custom reactions, which can use an existing or generated image (like stickers).

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Currently, the Messages app on iPhones running iOS 18 does not support inline replies. So replies from an Android phone appear as separate messages and do not link back to the original message. With the new RCS update, Apple should implement inline replies for RCS messages.

This RCS update allows users to edit, recall, or delete messages. It also brings a spam reporting system for person-to-person messages. Hopefully, this should reduce potential crowdsourced spam.

With this update, RCS should provide a pleasant user experience when sending and receiving messages between Galaxy (or other Android) phones and iPhones.

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