Rumor: iPhone 16 to get ‘design changes’ for Face ID

Apple is reportedly making changes to its Face ID design for the iPhone 16 lineup this year. Details are still scarce, but the change already has significant implications for Apple’s supply chain partners.

As noted by MacRumorsthe original source of this rumor is The Telegraph. A report in May explained that semiconductor company Coherent, which operates one of the UK’s largest microchip factories, “faces possible closure after Apple pulled the plug on a lucrative supply deal.”

The report went on to explain that Coherent produced parts for the iPhone’s Face ID sensor and that Apple had “halted orders due to upcoming changes” to the iPhone 16.

This week, DigiTimes added:

The Face ID system for Apple’s iPhones, consisting of multiple sensors and cameras, was previously supplied by the factory in Newton Aycliffe. However, design changes in the upcoming iPhone 16 series, due for release in late 2024, led to Apple halting orders.

There are no exact details on what sort of “design changes” are coming to Face ID for the iPhone 16. This could simply be an example of Apple making under-the-hood changes due to supply chain relationships and ultimately not impact the actual Face ID functionality on the iPhone 16.

The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models are expected to retain the same design as the iPhone 15. The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will get slightly larger displays, while the entire line will also get a new capture button.

Longer term, Apple is working on developing under-display Face ID technology for the iPhone, which isn’t expected to launch until next year at the earliest.

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