Solana to $1,200 in 2025? Why It’s a Real Possibility, Analysts Explain

  • Analyst Ali Martinez predicted that Solana’s price could rise to $950, reflecting 2021 trends.
  • Raoul Pal predicted that Solana would reach $1,200 by 2025, driven by a bullish market cycle and increased network activity.

Despite a broader market correction, Sunny [SOL] has shown resilience by holding its horizontal support level. This price action has led to the formation of higher lows, indicating a potential bullish trend.

Solana shows bullish trends

Leading analyst Ali Martinez has shared his optimistic outlook for Solana on X (formerly Twitter). He noted that the altcoin’s current price movements were reminiscent of his behavior in 2021.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) showed similar low levels during both periods before a significant breakout occurred. This led to a rise in Solana’s price in mid-2021.

At the time of this article going to print, the RSI was again at a low level, indicating that a bullish trend may be emerging.

Martinez’s analysis, which extrapolated from historical patterns, predicted a $950 price target for Solana. He stressed that technical indicators, especially in oversold conditions, supported the likelihood of a bullish trend.

Source: X

Raoul Pal’s predictions for 2025

Raoul Pal, a figure in the crypto world, has also expressed confidence in Solana’s future price trajectory. Pal predicted a substantial price increase in 2025, especially during the expected “crypto summer.”

He considered a 100% price increase conservative and expected a normal increase of around 300%, which would bring Solana’s price to around $600.

Pal further speculated that Solana could reach $1,200 over a full market cycle, with the potential to exceed $2,000. For a shorter cycle, he predicted a price of around $750.

Current market performance and activities

At the time we went to the printer, the price of SOL was: €142.69which reflects a 2.53% increase in the past 24 hours, but a 3.45% decrease in the past week. Solana’s trading volume in the past 24 hours is $3,767,161,926.

As before reported by AMBCryptoSolana’s network activity increased significantly in the second quarter of 2024. Transaction fees and revenues increased and exceeded $26 million, a 42-fold increase compared to the previous year.

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Furthermore, the total SOL trading volume reached an impressive $292 billion, almost seven times higher than the same period in 2023.

This growth is due to Solana’s growing ecosystem and the introduction of the SOL ETF.

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