The First Descendant accused of using ‘barely altered’ Destiny 2 icons

The First Descendant is accused of using “barely changed” Destiny 2 icons.

The issue was first raised by Forbes writer Paul Tassi, who collected a series of icons from The First Descendant and compared them to similar icons from Destiny 2.

The image below, created by Tassi, appears to show that several icons share similar shapes and design motifs as those used in Destiny 2. While the icons generally don’t correspond to similar powers in their respective games, the similarities are clear.

The First Descendant accused of using 'barely altered' Destiny 2 icons

The Forbes article later notes design similarities between several weapons, but these are less explicit than the icons, which appear to be largely based on Bungie’s shooter.

While it doesn’t appear that The First Descendant actually uses Bungie’s artwork, the inspiration is clear, and players are only finding more copies.

Games in the same genre often share similar design groups. And since The First Descendant is an amalgamation of several games, such as Warframe and Destiny, it is perhaps not surprising that it features skills and abilities similar to those in the aforementioned games.

However, if more evidence is found that the design is heavily inspired by Bungie, it’s possible that Nexxon will make changes to the art.

The First Descendant released last week on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The free-to-play shooter enjoyed a huge opening day, but also drew criticism from players who felt the game’s microtransactions were aggressive and that the game required too much grinding for free-to-play players.