Two meteor showers peak on same night in Melbourne in July

The mystique of rare celestial events continues to excite us, from green comets to enormous blue supermoons. We’re always eager to see what cosmic phenomenon we might witness next. If you share this excitement, hold on to your hats, because an unusual event is about to hit our skies. The stars are aligning for two brilliant meteor showers in tandem, and both are expected to peak at the same time on a very special night. It’s time to get your binoculars and telescope out!

Tuesday, July 30th is the date to mark your calendar for the double meteor shower. The two annual celestial events in question are the Delta Aquariids and Alpha Capricornids showers, which occupy the southern sky and are both most visible from the Southern Hemisphere – so we’re in luck! With the two showers combined, you could see up to 30 meteors an hour streaking across the sky (provided the sky is perfectly clear).

To spot this glittering sight, it’s helpful to have a little astronomical knowledge. It helps a lot if you can find different constellations and celestial bodies, as these meteor showers come from the constellations Aquarius and Capricorn. Luckily, there are plenty of astrology resources online that can help you with this.

Other tips to keep in mind for spotting meteors are to get to your chosen stargazing spot early in the morning (around 2-3am) and make sure you wait long enough for your eyes to adjust to the darkness (about half an hour). And since it’s the middle of winter, bring plenty of warm layers and blankets!

Happy stargazing!

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