Valve has made a DOTA fighting game and it’s out now

Well, look, Valve has created a new video game and you can play it right now. The new game is Wear Fighter And his a DOTA2-themed 2D fighter that exists within the popular MOBA.

On July 9th, Valve’s extremely popular MOBA, DOTA2received a new update as part of its bigger Crownfall seasonwhich is a new way for Valve to deliver updates and rewards for DOTA2. The event is split into several acts. And on Tuesday, Valve released Act Three, the next major patch for DOTA2. This new update includes a small but impressively well-made fighting game with DOTA characters and locations.

As reported by Dot Esportsthis new fighting game is called Wear and tear fightr (…get it!?) and is a 2D fighter with five DOTA characters. Each character has a full move list and the game supports both single-player modes and a multiplayer option that lets you play online against friends or locally with a second controller.

RVG Dustin / Valve

It’s unbelievable how good Wear Fighter looks like based on gameplay clips I’ve seen on YouTube and Twitter. This isn’t a quick browser thing, but a real mini fighting game complete with leaderboards and its own rewards. You can tell this is a real fighting game because if you look online you see people making rankings and discussing them in the comments. I also found people who compile moving lists and retrieve frame dataalso. That sounds like a fighting game community to me!

It’s almost frustrating to see Valve put so much work and effort into making a fighting game for DOTA2 that will go away when Crownfall is over in October. Or maybe it won’t be removed. Maybe all the positive feedback will convince Valve to invest a bit more in it and let it live on as a free-fighting game within DOTA 2.

How to play Wear Fighter

If you want to check out Wear Fighter You must first download and install it yourself DOTA 2. (Don’t worry, it’s free.)

Next, start the game and open the “The Frosts of Icewrack” section of Act Three on the home screen. You’ll then have to work through the story mode a bit before you can “Sleet Fighter 2: Immortal Battle“at a fork in the road.

Once inside the Severed Head Pub, you can select a mode and begin battling against players or the computer to earn rewards. The five available characters in Sleet Fighter are Tusk, Shendelzare, Bristleback, Dawnbreaker and Marci.


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